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Training & Consultation

We believe that the preparation and planning of your new specialty coffee business will increase your odds of success and help you avoid costly mistakes that will save you investment money and operational inefficiencies. Our talented team of seasoned professionals can help you achieve your vision, from concept to opening day and beyond.

Phase 1 : Establish

Brand Development​

Following our concept development exercise, our in-house brand strategist and design team can design your logo so your visual messaging is strategically on point, relevant, and authoritative. We will design with not only your logo in mind, but also your sign(s), website, social sites, and point of purchase materials and above all your concept.

Coffee Program Concept Evaluation & Development

Coffee Light Ltd. team will use their concept development exercise to help your coffee business concept reach its full potential. This also helps ensure your coffee shop’s concept is strategically sound, unique and meaningful, in tune with the most current industry thinking and market trends, and best serves consumer needs.

Coffee Recommendation

Our consulting team will make a thoughtful recommendation regarding which specialty coffee to use, as well as what coffees in particular are the best fit for the target audience and concept.

Site Evaluation

An important factor to a coffee business’s success is making sure it is in a location that serves it best. Don’t trust a gut feeling when it comes to selecting the right location for your business! This is how many coffee shops go out of business. When we provide a site evaluation, we take into consideration your business concept, space requirements, neighborhood, surrounding businesses, visibility, ease of access, building shape, and a number of other critical factors. Once we have walked the properties you are considering we provide an opinion on each so you can make a more informed decision.

Coffee Bar Design & Workflow

Now we’ve got a concept, a location, and a menu nailed down. At this point we draft a coffee shop bar design and recommended equipment list based on concept, menu, customer experience and workflow. We use our specialized expertise to maximize customer experience while maintaining streamlined ergonomic workflow, and labor efficiency. While many architects boast experience designing coffee houses and cafes, the vast majority have never worked in a coffee shop to know how many steps it takes to do a barista’s job, or where to place equipment to maximize on labor efficiency and minimize collisions and wasted transaction time.

Coffee Program Menu Development

Once the concept has been nailed down and the location has been selected, we will begin collaborating with you to develop a menu. With your target audience in mind, we’ll help you craft a menu that promotes profitability through simplicity, quality, and efficiency.

Phase 2 : Prepare

Staff Training

A coffee business is only as good as its team, and Coffee Lights Ltd. exists to consult, train, and develop your staff to the absolute highest standards. Eliminate the anxiety in trying to train your own staff prior to opening. Utilize our team of training professionals to get your coffee shop’s team up to speed and firing on all cylinders. We get your team focused and functioning as a cohesive unit focused on service, quality, efficiency, and up-sales. The training will focus on many areas including

Soft Launch and Opening

Our consulting team will help organize and host a soft launch event for your coffee shop business for the purpose of building buzz, leak testing your process, and giving the staff an opportunity to practice in a fast paced yet controlled environment. Afterward, we stick with you to help fine-tune, reinforce training, and to tie up loose ends prior to opening. We’ll even assist you through opening day to be sure things go off without a hitch

Employee Operations and Quality Manuals

This is a valuable tool to help ensure from day one that your employees are all on the exact same page, they know what is expected of them, and they know how the coffee shop operates on a day-to-day basis. We will develop a customized operations manual that outlines your program philosophy, culture, expectations, customer service standards, daily responsibilities, efficiency procedures, and menu execution

Phase 3 : Refine

Ongoing Consulting and Support

The only way to ensure long-term success of your coffee business is to continually fine-tune your process, and your people. Once your doors are open, we provide an ongoing support system with checkups, milestones, and ongoing barista training to aid you in this critical aspect of owning and operating your specialty coffee business.

Coffee Culture Building

A cemented coffee culture doesn’t happen overnight. We will work with you over the duration of our partnership to continue building your brand and establishing your business as a coffee culture leader in your area.

Management Operations

Here we will provide a multitude of activities which engage the staff right from purchasing raw material, preparing food and beverage, keeping the inventory of material, maintaining service quality continuously, managing various catered events, and most importantly, analyzing the business to provide the desired outcome.

Menu Re-Engineering

It is part of our business strategy and systematic process for building a strong menu. In essence, it involves the analysis and redesign of your menu to increase sales and profits, drive operational efficiencies, and improve customer satisfaction and their loyalty.

Strategy Direction

We will assist your organization to achieve your vision and fulfil its goals. It ensures that both the owners and the top management can communicate the importance of employees work and their contribution to achieving business objectives.

Roasting Business Development Services

At this phase we will provide a holistic roasting business unit solution that will go into the practical aspect of running a roasting business, detailed as follows:


Roasting as a business


Specialty Coffee Roasting Vs Commercial


Roasting Journey




Customer Service


Forecast & Reperts

Green Beans

This part covers the way you should plan and deal with green beans as a roasting unit:


Buying Strategy


Grading and Cupping


Supply, Demand, and Forecasting


Storing & Quality Control

The Art of Roasting

Roasting is an art, and in specialty coffee, roasting is the most important part of the business. All staff should be trained and monitored to insure the highest quality of production.

Sample Roast

Approaching Unfamiliar Beans

Profile Creation & Development

Consistency Roasting

Sorting/Cleaning & Packaging & Storing

Post-Roast Quality Control

Quality Data Collection, Sample-keeping & Archiving


Roasting Software and Automation

Roasting Equipment Maintenance & Cleaning

Customer Journey: Service-Roasting

Other service that will be provided on demand:

Sales & After-Sales

Inventory & Stocking

Quality Control & Assurance

Setting SOPs

Creating Operation Manual

Setting Clear KPIs

Evaluating Overall Roasting Unit Performance

Forms & Checklist Creation

Setting Clear Roasting Journey

Utilizing Roasting Software & Automation

Roasting & Cupping

Selling Coffee (Wholesale)

Setting Up Online Platform

Payment Gateways

Suggested Equipment



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